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As of today: the E-CMR!
E-CMR Pionira officially recognised

With DigiCMR, Pionira NV (joint venture of DigitCMR & Portmade) offers distinctive and innovative solutions for transportation and logistics, aimed at improving productivity in logistics processes.
The Cloud platform was developed to reduce administrative tasks and human error and to provide users with access to their e-files from request through billing (CMRs, load sheets, shipping documents, licences, customs handling to invoices), in combination with the e-CMR.

Our Web (cloud) application could be described as a "Transport & Logistics Social Enterprise Platform".
The e-CMR application as replacement of the paper CMR to improve the administrative processing and billing.
Xynaps functions as a data hub. The platform enables companies to share data with their trade partners.

Each link within the supply chain can connect its internal application (ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.) regardless of the data export format used (word, excel, txt, csv, PDF (Xynaps OCR will get the document data). This means that data only needs to be input once. Xynaps uses this data to feed other systems within the supply chain via the appropriate connector without having to re-input the data. In parallel, Xynaps is able to create the necessary documents. This reduction in manual inputs (up to 80%) is reflected in reduced administration, greater billing efficiency and a substantial reduction in errors.

Pionira's electronic bill of lading is the first and only to have received recognition from the FPS Mobility following an extensive approval procedure. You can now use a fully electronic solution, removing the need for a paper bill of lading.

This offers a number of advantages in terms of speed, administrative security and completeness of the bill of lading. It eliminates errors and discussions, and also saves substantial administrative costs.

Added value:

•    lower more transparent total cost
•    no licence costs, maintenance contracts but pay per use
•    no investment in infrastructure, services or IT knowledge
•    external support
•    time savings through online digital archiving (7 years)
•    user-friendly
•    faster billing
•    multilanguage
•    data and infrastructure security and protection

Pionira's electronic bill of lading is a system that runs on all mobile and fixed devices and can also be linked up to existing ERP, TMS, WMS or in-house developed systems. This means it can be used on a PC, smartphone, tablet, GPS or on-board computer. If you link the electronic bill of lading to your existing systems, the data to be included in the bill of lading will be entered automatically. Pionira will provide you with technical support.
FPS Mob requirements:

Pionira meets the legal framework of the RD published on 21.04.2016.

The electronic bill of lading has the same value as the paper bill of lading provided it:

•    meets the requirements of the E-CMR protocol
•    was created using the technology of a supplier approved under paragraph 3
•    is used by a user registered under paragraph 3 In case of doubt concerning the authenticity or validity of the electronic bill of lading, the authorised inspection authorities can contact the supplier to remove such doubt.
•    use of an invalid electronic bill of lading equates with the use of an invalid paper bill of lading.

This solution can also be used for international transport, but in this case a bill of lading printed from the system will still be necessary. You will, however, be able to benefit from all the other advantages provided by the electronic bill of lading.
The e-CMR application is available in the market, both directly and indirectly (dealer channel).
If you are interested, contact one of our dealers or Pionira for questions and to get started today.


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