Press release Digi-Transit Consortium

E-documents single window initiative

Brussels, 14 May 2019

Accredited e-CMR providers Collect + Go (NL), Pionira (BE), Logistiek Zonder Papier (NL), Dash/Doc (FR), Cargoledger (NL) and IoT providers Sensolus (BE) and Intepia (EST) launch Digi-Transit, the open collaboration for providing legally required data to government authorities and between e-CMR platforms.

With this cooperation the initiators fulfill two wishes from the market:

  1. Interoperability. The participating e-CMR providers will equip on freight level their platforms to allow users further processing of transactions. When a cargo load is handled in the first stage via one platform and in the second stage by the second platform, the e-CMR transfer is introduced for this. The users will experience a logical and user-friendly flow to pass on the shipment from one provider to another
  2. Provide legally required data to government authorities upon consent of the data owner. In addition to exchanging data between platforms, provide data for control purposes is essential to properly handle cross-border logistics. Within the e-CMR pilot Benelux, the EU has expressed the wish to make a central database available to inspectors. The accredited e-CMR providers work with all stakeholders (including senders, transporters and their drivers, receivers, controllers) to reliably unlock the legally required necessary data for inspection purposes. Data security and hosting of this data within the EU forms one of the cornerstones.

In addition to these "horizontal" innovations, there is a call for "vertical" collaboration within Digi-Transit. Market parties with business models that strengthen the administrative process for e-CMR are invited to become a member and to participate in this independent open innovation network Digi-Transit. Sensolus (BE) and Intepia (EST) registered already for this vertical.

Benefits of this membership:

  • Access to an ecosystem of technology companies that specialize in cross-border digitization within logistics
  • Participation in open innovation to strengthen logistical cooperation and data exchange
  • A better service to end customers through the application of innovative market-driven technology

Do you want to help build your supply chains of tomorrow with your organization? Then sign up today as a member and join. After completing the online registration, your organization is invited for the first activities and initiatives.



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