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TRANSPRIME organizes a seminar on eCMR with PIONIRA (23/11/17)

Know the e-CMR, its operation and its advantages

The electronic CMR already has legal validity and allows greater levels of security in the documentation while significantly reducing costs. Get to know Pionira’s digital solution, which has been tested and verified by transport authorities in Belgium and other countries. Usable immediately, through an accessible “app” and without initial installation costs.

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Pionira and Gosselin say goodbye to paper transport documents

After over half a century, Gosselin Group is saying goodbye to paper transport documents. In order to roll out this innovation, the group is relying on the Belgian company Pionira.

“Digitization is one of the cornerstones of our future vision,” says Nathalie Luyckx, quality manager at the Gosselin Group. “Today we are taking a new step by phasing out paper transport documents. We are doing this for our logistics as well as our moving activities. The paper transport documents (CMR) are making way for a cloud-based application (e-CMR).”

“There is still some static in the administrative chain in the transport sector,” Barry Van Leuven, managing director of Pionira says. “A shipper calls in, faxes or emails the transport order. This order is then retyped into a local software program, and the transport documents are printed out. The current method is not only repetitive and laborious, but also susceptible to errors, duplication and omissions. Then there are the cases when the shipper also prepares transport documents, a driver forgets to write down the loading and unloading times on the document, an address is reproduced incorrectly and on and on.”

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